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    2017 Flint Festival Of Quilts

    Presented by

    October 12 - October 14, 2017


    2017 Flint Festival Of Quilts

    Greater Flint Arts Council Presents:

    Our 22nd year of exhibiting quality quilts for your viewing enjoyment.
    Thursday, Friday, & Saturday • October 12, 13 & 14
    ArtWalk, October 13, 6-9pm at GFAC and Multiple Locations

    1. Flint Public Library
    1026 E. Kearsley St., Flint • Admission: Free
    28th Annual Exhibit of the Flint African American Quilters Guild
    Co-Sponsored by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Flint
    Alumnae Chapter
    Oct. 12, 11am-8pm
    Oct. 13, 9am-6pm **Not open during ArtWalk
    Oct. 14, 9am-6pm
    Oct. 14 • 12:30pm • Presentation (Free)
    Evolve the Artist in you Wendy Mamattah is an internationally published and recognized award winning quilt and textile artist. This is a one hour digital presentation and trunk show where Wendy will talk about her colorful quilting journey inspired both in African–inspired, and Western-inspired designs. Starting with a digital slide show, Wendy will discuss and share her inspiration on her quilting journey, the techniques
    and the mediums in which she works.
    For information: (810) 249-2569.

    2. Greater Flint Arts Council
    816 S. Saginaw St., Flint • Admission: Free
    Oct. 12, 9am-5pm (free)
    Oct. 13, 9am-5pm; 6pm-9pm ArtWalk (Free)
    Oct. 14, 9am-5pm; 7pm-10pm Concert ($10)
    Oct. 12 • 12 noon • Presentation (Free)
    My Quilting Journey, Quilting Music and Stories Joe Cunningham began making quilts professionally in 1979, after a ten-year career as a musician in Michigan. In his presentation, Joe will explain how and why it happened to him, and how it could happen to anybody! Joe will have his guitar on-hand to play some quilt-related songs. He will also have a whole bunch of his latest quilts to show and tell stories about!
    Oct. 14 • 10am • Workshop: Fantasy Four Patch (Fee: $25 each - advance registration, Maximum: 25 people)
    Take the classic Four Patch and turn it loose. Easy, fun, allsewing class, for everyone. Joe can guide you step by step through this simple - yet infnitely variable process to make a quilt top that designs itself! Contact GFAC for Registration & Supply List.
    Oct. 14 • 7pm • Concert: Joe Cunningham Quintet
    (a.k.a. The Potrero Hillbillies) (Fee: $10 - cash at the door)
    Songs written about life in Michigan performed by a mix of musicians from Flint and California (Joe Cunningham, Joshua Raoul Brody, Christopher Gray).
    For information: (810) 238-ARTS (2787)

    3. Flint Masonic Temple
    755 Saginaw Street, Flint • Admissions/Parking: Free
    Oct. 13, 9am–5pm
    Oct. 13 • 6pm • Miracle Quilt Presentation
    The Order of the Eastern Star is hosting Miracle Quilts and area quilters. Miracle Quilts is a group of quilters, sewers and hard working women of all ages who come together once a month to create patriotic quilts to present to wounded troops. Founder Carole Carroll will discuss the warm heartfelt journey of Miracle Quilts.

    4. The Stockton Center at Spring Grove
    720 Ann Arbor Street, Flint • Admissions/Parking: Free •
    Tours of Stockton House: $5
    Oct. 14, 10am-3pm **Not open during ArtWalk
    Oct. 14 • 12:30pm • Presentation (free)
    Refreshing Traditional Sewing As a young child, Venus Nash was lovingly taught sewing by beloved family members. She will be sharing her artistic journey and ways she hits the “refresh” button on a traditional artform. She will share her enthusiasm on how youth and those young-at-heart will be able to engage in sewing with spirit and travel their own journey with this artform.

    5. First Presbyterian Church
    746 S. Saginaw St., Flint • Admission: Free
    Sacred Threads Traveling 2017 Exhibit
    Sacred Threads is an exhibition of quilts exploring themes 2017
    of spirituality, joy, inspiration, peace/ brotherhood, grief and healing. This biennial exhibition was established to provide a safe venue for quilters who see their creative art work as a connection to the sacred and/or as an expression of their spiritual journey.
    Oct. 12, 9am-5pm
    Oct. 13, 9am-5pm; 6pm-9pm ARTWALK
    Oct. 14, 9am-5pm
    For information: (810) 234-8673

    6. Good Beans Café
    328 N. Grand Traverse, Flin • Admission/Parking: Free
    Good Beans Café is a favorite spot that is unique to Flint. Known for supporting culture, community, and the arts; they will be hosting Suzanne Lossing’s quilt-inspired artwork. Artwork includes recycled glass panels.
    Oct. 12, 7:30am-6pm
    Oct. 13, 7:30am-9pm
    Oct. 14, Not Open Saturday

    7. The Local Grocer
    601 Martin Luther King Ave, Flint • Admission/Parking: Free
    The Local Grocer is a Michigan ‘farm to table’ store and deli that supports community. They will be showcasing Flint Handmade and their creative crochet quilts.
    Oct. 12, 8am-8pm
    Oct. 13, 8am-8pm
    Oct. 14, 8m-8pm

    8. Knob Hill Bed & Breakfast
    1105 S. Drive, Flint • Admission/Parking: Free
    Oct. 12, 9am-5pm
    Oct. 13, 9am-6pm **Not open during ArtWalk
    Oct. 14, 9am-5pm
    Knob Hill is a wonderful 5-Star Bed and Breakfast that hosts peaceful gardens on it’s estate. They will be hosting artist Gilbert McCann’s metal beautiful quilt and fabulous metal art.



    Accessibility Information: Currently, no accessibility information is available for this event.

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