Oct 21 - 23 2020
Virtual Preschool: Signs of Fall

Virtual Preschool: Signs of Fall

Presented by Flint Children's Museum at Flint Children's Museum

Seasons are changing-but how do we know that? Join Miss Andrea and Miss Lacey and they investigate the different ways we can tell the the summer is over and fall is starting. This new virtual series will be aired twice a week on Facebook, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 2pm.

A sneak peek at what the classes will be like are published on Facebook live on Oct. 21st and 23rd at 2pm. After this, each virtual preschool episode will be posted on a special virtual preschool group that is public and free to join. Stayed tuned during the preview to learn more.

Do you know all the signs of fall? Come and find out!

Admission Info

After this week’s Virtual Preschool preview, each episode will be aired on a special Facebook group to create a more interactive and engaging environment. The program and group is public and free to join.

Phone: (810)-767-5437

Dates & Times

2020/10/21 - 2020/10/23

Additional time info:

Any educational resources or craft activities will be posted to the public Virtual Preschool group before or after the class. Virtual Preschool is a live event and is meant to be as interactive as possible, so join the chat during the stream!

Location Info

Flint Children's Museum

1602 University Ave, Flint, MI 48504

Parking Info

Free parking next to the Flint Children’s Museum building, or in adjacent parking lot.

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